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Success going back more than two decades


Alan has served as a member of MPI’s Security & Risk Management Task Force and trained in Event Security by the Department of Homeland Security. He’s earned his CMP, his CMM and also a Masters Degree from the Graduate School of Business at George Washington University.


Alan is also an adjunct professor at the College of Charleston as well as a South Carolina State Constable, working under the direction of the State's Law Enforcement Division.


Over the last two decades – in addition to planning and managing meetings -- he has written on budgets, sponsorship, program development and countless topics for the events industry as well as several articles on tourism safety, code enforcement, and animal control for public safety.

After he earned a Bachelor Degree in Professional Writing, he fell into planning conferences in the early 1990s, as part of his job as Office Manager for the Honors Program at a large, state university. 

It wasn't until planes struck New York and DC on September 11, 2001 that Alan's interest in law enforcement sparked and joined the local police department as a reserve officer. That eventually evolved into a more engaging role in public safety where Alan has served as a dispatcher, animal control officer, NCIC instructor, accreditation manager and ordinance officer. 

Some Recent Works:

MPI: Safety Resources for Planners

MeetingsNET: Risk360

Zeroing in on Meeting Security

Sand, Surf and Wildlife

Alan's not really sure how many meeting planners out there carry a police badge, but he's certain his unique experiences can be helpful to anyone who plans events and meetings.


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